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The blog for public libraries in NRW provides some very useful information and apps to support your german-speaking skills:

Deutsch als Fremdsprache/Zweitsprache – Angebote zur Lernunterstützung

Some of which you can already find on our information page.

Viel Erfolg!

New: Learning German with WhatsApp

Source: WhatsApp Guru / Oebib-Blog

In addition to the local language courses of the VHS (“Volkshochschule”) or the “AK Asyl” it is now possible to learn basic German words and phrases for everyday-life via WhatsApp. WHATSGERMAN uses the well-known messenger to provide to you simple, yet efficient lessons in German language. There are three different language courses available. Just add the number, that belongs to your favoured course, to your address book and send a “START”-message to the service. Within 24 hours you will receive a message and the course with one of the following topics will start:

  1. German alphabet
  2. Often used phrases
  3. Introduction in German grammar

The courses are free and utilise videos and even emojis to support your learning process. Good luck and have fun!

Emojis are a good way to support you with learning and understanding your daily vocabularies. Source: Vice

Overview – Cell phone contracts and communication

Communication with families and friends in the home country and access to recent information is very important. The most useful tool for this perfect is – of course – the smartphone. But it is not easy to find out, which plan of the telephone providers is most fitting and cheapest for ones situation. To prevent refugees from signing contracts they do not fully understand and to avoid high bills, the “Stiftung Warentest”, a well-renowned non-profit consumer organisation in Germany, published useful information on this topic: It is available in English, German, and Arabic.

Information for refugees and advisors – cheap phone service plans
Different service plans in comparison

New informational paper for asylum seekers

The Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (“federal office for migration and refugees”) published Information for asylum seekers and refugees who just arrived in Germany. It shows the important steps one has to take to be granted (political) asylum and informs about the procedure of allocation.

It is available in several languages:

German language course for mothers (child care inclusive)

On Friday, 12.02.2016, a German language course for mothers, who want to learn German, takes place in the child care center “No. 1 In den Gärten”. The course runs on every Friday from 10.00 till 11.30 a.m. for 13 consecutive weeks and costs an overall fee of 65€. During the classes the kids are taken care of. Please share this information with mothers, who might be interested. More information is available in the child care facility “In den Gärten 1” or in the Volkshochschule (tel. 02304/104-832 or -850).

Guide for refugees

The ARD, one of Germanys biggest public TV channels, has compiled a splendid guide for refugees. Here you can find videos on the subject of integration, slideshows with important hints how to act and react in German public and even the most important daily news show in Germany (“Tagesschau”) is available in German, English and Arabic. Shows for children in these languages are offered, too.

Have a look.

Multilingual TV show for children

The German TV show “Die Sendung mit der Maus” explains complex issues in an entertaining and child-friendly way. It is now available in English, Arabic, Dari and Kurdish. Have fun!

Die Sendung mit der Maus international

New app for refugees!

Source: Press release of the Bayerischer Rundfunk

A new app for refugees has been developed by the “Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge” in cooperation with “Bundesagentur für Arbeit”, the Goethe-Institut and the “Bayerischen Rundfunk”.

How does the procedure for granting the right of asylum work? What do I have to do to send my child to school? Where can I go , if I am ill? How do I get a work permit? These and many more questions are answered in this app. Additionally it contains a free, multimedia language course.

App “Ankommen” in Google Play Store

App “Ankommen” in Itunes App Store

A list with other helpful links is provided here.

We want you!

With this website „Neuschwerter“ the KuWeBe (“Cultural and Educational Institute of Schwerte”) provides a platform for both concerned citizens and refugees. In 2015 we started seven basic German language courses with 174 participants overall. Now we want to take the next step and help those people taking their roots in Germany.

On this Website we gather information about current events, which involve refugees or give the possibility to connect German and foreign people, especially through the means of culture. Furthermore we try to present an actual list of materials, which are useful to learn the German language, give guidance in German history and culture or support the integration process. You will find a list with helpful contacts for refugee issues, too.

The Website is available in German and English, an Arabic version is on its way. We cooperate with many local artists to provide a broad variety of cultural workshops and events, which help connecting people and give refugees a chance to participate in the cultural life of Schwerte. Most of those events are still in the planning and we are always happy for further suggestions or helpful requests.

Are you missing any information on this website? Or do you organize an event, which brings together old and new citizens of Schwerte? Do you know a good source for learning German? Please give us a hint. You can contact us…

…for questions concerning language or integration courses for refugees:

Matthias Hein (VHS):

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