New: Learning German with WhatsApp

Source: WhatsApp Guru / Oebib-Blog

In addition to the local language courses of the VHS (“Volkshochschule”) or the “AK Asyl” it is now possible to learn basic German words and phrases for everyday-life via WhatsApp. WHATSGERMAN uses the well-known messenger to provide to you simple, yet efficient lessons in German language. There are three different language courses available. Just add the number, that belongs to your favoured course, to your address book and send a “START”-message to the service. Within 24 hours you will receive a message and the course with one of the following topics will start:

  1. German alphabet
  2. Often used phrases
  3. Introduction in German grammar

The courses are free and utilise videos and even emojis to support your learning process. Good luck and have fun!

Emojis are a good way to support you with learning and understanding your daily vocabularies. Source: Vice