“Neuschwerter” (“new citizens of Schwerte”) is the name of a programme that has been initiated by the KuWebe Schwerte (Kultur- und Weiterbildungsbetrieb – roughly translated: “Cultural and Educational Service Schwerte”) in 2015 to support the arrival and integration of the refugees in Schwerte.

We know that arriving in a new country is more than just coming to an unknown place. It is about building a home, getting to know new people, about speaking a new language and learning the ways of people with a different cultural and historical background; all of these things without forgetting about one’s own roots. The initiative “Neuschwerter” wants to help with this arrival by providing materials, information and orientation to refugees in this new situation.

The KuWeBe consists of six different institutions, each with unique possibilities to help refugees and German citizens to come together in mutual understanding.

  • Volkshochschule (“adult education center”):
  • Stadtbücherei (“public library”)
  • Kulturbüro (“office of culture”)
  • Ruhrtalmuseum (“museum of the Ruhr valley”)
  • Stadtarchiv (“city archive”)
  • Musikschule (“music school”)

With the help of many volunteers and helpful citizens (e.g. the Arbeitskreis Asyl) we aim to provide education (language & integration courses) and to connect old and new citizens of Schwerte through cultural and social events. Additionally we try to gather a list of helpful materials, information and contacts.

We are always happy about every single piece of additional information you can give us. Which book, flyer or app did help you and may be interesting for other people arriving in Schwerte? Do you have an idea for any cultural event that may support the encounter between German and foreign poeple?

Please write us: